Animals & Fun Things!

We have a huge selection of Animals, Figurines, Creatures & Fun Things to Paint at Dotty Pottery

Not just for the kids, the adults love these too!

Animals & fun things to paint at Dotty Pottery in Norwich, Norfolk

We have a huge range of animals & figurines in stock as these are always very popular for kids coming in to paint with their families & especially for birthday parties. We are always adding new designs to this range as many of our customers come back often so there is always something new to choose from. These are just some of the animals you will find available to you:

Dogs, Cats, Bugs, Butterflies, Fish, Monkeys, Dragons, Lizards, Dolphins, Frogs, Bunnies & More!

As well as our range of figurines we also have a other items available designed for our adult customers to enjoy too! These include:

Clocks, Plates that can have fun designs, Trinket boxes, Plates & Egg Cups or Dipping Bowls,