Hand & Footprints

Hand & Footprint Keepsake Gifts

One of the most popular reasons to come to Dotty Pottery is to create those magical memories of your child or baby's hand or footprints and capture them forever on a plate or other ceramic that will last forever. Not only a great keepsake for Mums & Dads but fantastic gift ideas for Grandparents, Aunties & Uncles!

Examples of some personalised gifts made using your child's hand & footprints

We pride ourselves in stocking a vast range of ceramics that you can use to create those memorable gifts, these include:

  • Tiles
  • Plates - Regular styles plus a range of heart & flower plates
  • Plaques
  • Teapots
  • Jugs & Vases
  • Plant Pots
  • Mugs
  • Large Bowls

or indeed pretty much anything else that we have in stock at the studio that is big enough to fit your baby's and children's hand or footprints on! The possibilities are endless and we are always on hand to offer advice and give you some fab ideas on how you can adapt these designs such as turning Mum & Child's handprints in to 'Mummy & Me' elephants or making the word 'Love' on a plate using your baby's footprints for the letter V, and during seasonal occasions for Valentine's Day, Mother & Father's Day, Easter, Halloween & especially Christmas we have some super cute ideas that you will love.

Example Ideas for Hand & Footprint Personalised Gifts